The world's leading brand of centralized lubrication solutions

In Germany,OTT lubrication equipment research institute is established;In India,The planned OTT centralized lubrication of overseas production bases;In China,Intelligent lubrication academician workstation OTT was founded……OTT products exports30To many countries and regions,The market share75%,Declared technology patents at home and abroad100The remainder term,Research and development costs1000More than ten thousand yuan,Professional research and development personnel85People,Dr5People,Only the world's leading lubrication solutions for you……

Reduce the equipment failure Improve operational efficiency

In the wind、Commercial vehicles、Engineering machinery、Port terminals and other fields,Help customers reduce OTT centralized lubrication50%Equipment failure,Extend the lubrication parts60%The service life,Reduced95%Artificial lubrication time,Reduced70%Lubricating grease,Improve equipment operation efficiency,Create more value for customers!

Global marketing network

Global marketing network

We are committed to develop the global market,We have branches in China and Germany, respectively, set up and lubrication research center,In India、The Philippines、South Africa has offices respectively,OTT centralized lubrication products are exported to Germany、The United States、Australia、Russia、In Brazil、India、More than 30 countries and regions such as South Africa,To construct OTT technology worldwide marketing network。

Originality services The whole

No matter for personnel training and guidance,Or debugging and installation of the products,Regardless of the problems in the operation of the equipment,Still doubts before buying,Even if you experience any problems in the use of other brands……OTT service personnel will be in24Hours for solutions to your problem,OTT technology services can be incorporated into each link of whole life cycle of equipment,In line with“Active”Service concept,Provide technical support for the first time,Hidden danger troubleshooting on a regular basis for the user,Close to solve your problems。

Cast quality trust

No matter in the wind、Commercial vehicles、Engineering machinery、Port terminals and other fields,Alter the has already been applied in various fields of science and technology leading brand,We are with their own quality and service to help enterprises to improve its efficiency,Realize the value of the brand,Make the enterprise excellence!